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March 6, 2009

We made a blog! We’re cooking more often, with less money, and hoping to use fresher ingredients. Through this blog we’re hoping to document what we’ve made and rate how good it is, how cheap/expensive it is, and where the ingredients come from. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions on cooking are greatly appreciated.

We’re also trying to accommodate a big change in the way that we eat as Rhi adopts the Spent program prescribed by Dr. Frank Lipman.  His program includes more than just changing the way you eat but this is the issue that often has the potential to change the way you interact with others, especially those closest to you.  His program advises to steer clear of gluten, sugar, preservatives, and any kind of processing. If you know Rhi, you know how dramatic a change this is.  It has only been a short time but having a smoothie for breakfast every morning (this is Dr. Lipman’s favorite, and now ours too), working with my body’s natural eating rhythms, and eliminating the foods above to replace them with whole nutrient-rich organic foods, has made quite an impact on Rhi’s energy levels.  Spent is all about regaining your energy which often means regaining your appetite for life.  For as long as Rhi can remember, she has been low-energy, yawned constantly, sneezed sometimes over thirty times a day, had frightfully cold hands, and had “food comas” after many meals.  After so many doctors have been pretty clueless about how to solve these problems, all of this is getting better now that she is following the Spent program.

So please, if you’re on the Spent program (we like to call it a program, not a diet because this is not about weight loss though it may occur depending on what your previous eating regime was like), know that most of the recipes we try here fit into Dr. Lipman’s eating recommendations.  Also, know that it’s worth it to care deeply about what you eat!

Best wishes,

Mike and Rhi