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Mongolian Beef Stir Fry

March 18, 2009

Mongolian Beef

My goodness! Time flies when you’re having fun and cooking like crazy. Over the past week we’ve explored a lot of new recipes (not all of them met the Test Kitchen standard)* and have lots of goodies to share, including this recipe for Mongolian Beef!

First off, we should say that over the years we’ve tried countless Asian-inspired recipes which fail to come out as good as either take out Asian or authentic Asian cuisine. Nevertheless we gave this recipe from eat at joe’s a shot, and were more than pleased with the results.

To be honest, we were not entirely sure what made this recipe uniquely “mongolian”, Michael being the Mongolian food expert, but it did at least surpass our expectations of at-home Asian food, and even surpassed dine-out Asian food if only because it was not too greasy.

Adding cornstarch to the beef is a nice touch that we hadn’t tried before, but as the recipe notes, you’ll want to let the cornstarch dredged beef sit for about 10 minutes before cooking, otherwise all your starch is going to come off as soon as the beef meets oil. Since we’re in the process of removing refined sugars from our diet, we swapped the brown sugar for agave syrup and didn’t notice any significant changes to the taste. Michael is a big fan of adding sugar to his stir-fries (pssst it’s his secret!) so he was happy that the flavor didn’t lack that extra zing! he’s so accustomed to.

Also eat at joe’s recipe lacked the volume of veggies we’ve been accustomed to eating with each meal, so we did the typical stir-fry thing and removed the beef once it was 95% ready, sauteed an Asian veggies medley in the extra beef juices, and threw the beef back in once the veggies were tender. The results, were “tai haole!” or “too good!”

Our guest test kitchener Monsieur Kyle gave it 4 stars!

Kyle 4stars!

* Okay so maybe there isn’t a Test Kitchen standard, but some of the things we tried were either too banal or not aesthetically pretty enough to blog about.

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