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Indian Potatoes, Peas and Cauliflower

March 9, 2009

Indian Potatoes, Peas, and Cauliflower

Potatoes, cauliflower, Indian food, peas… these are a few of our favorite things, so naturally we were pretty excited when we saw this recipe on Epicurious. Reading through the user reviews, however, we discovered most people felt like the dish was pretty so-so. Obviously some modifications would be required.

Incredibly, the recipe only calls for sauteing the potatoes for a few minutes then adding water to steam. Neither of us like our potatoes hard in the middle so we broiled the potatoes for about 10 mins before sauteing. Ultimately the texture came out well, but next time we might just broil them so they stay crisp.

Also we added a bit more spice than called for in the recipe. We added a bit of curry (but just a bit since Rhi is not a curry fan), and cranked up the turmeric and cayenne, giving the veggies a rich color and flavor.

The results were a bit mixed. While we were happy to have a good, nutritious meal, we thought there could be improvements in the texture (see above), felt that we should have added even more spice (but different ones, maybe bay leaf?) and maybe cut down on the cayenne.

Overall 3 stars out of five. A nice first Indian food effort, but next time maybe we should just get a Tasty Bite.

Cooking Cauliflower

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